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Going Big in 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

By David Graham, - February 7, 2022

One of my biggest goals of 2022 is dialing in the Goliath Grouper from land. I think it has been one of the most unique angling opportunities I've found since moving to Florida - to catch such a massive fish from shore.

Right now I plan to devote several weekends to the pursuit of this monster fish until Spring. Sunday night (the 6th) I set out on a solo trip to put in some reps. I got out on the beach at about 6:30 pm with two big mullet and two heavy duty rod and reel combos in hopes of finding a goliath, a shark, or both.

About 45 minutes into my session I was casting an X-rap into the shallows hoping for a snook when I looked back and saw one of my battery powered glow sticks heading out into the surf. I use them as strike indicators - where I clip the glow stick to the main line... that way, if a fish takes line I will see the glow stick heading out, and if the fish comes in creating slack, the glow stick will drop.

The bait was placed about 10 feet from a large bridge piling - so engaging the fish at full drag and fighting it away from the snags has to happen FAST. I grabbed the rod, threw it over my shoulder and ran in the opposite direction of the bridge.

shark fishing.  Goliath grouper
I bought these inexpensive battery powered glowsticks on Amazon, a great strike indicator in the surf!

After about a half hour fight - I beached this awesome Goliath Grouper. I had taken the time to set up my camera on a tripod along with my dehooking tools so that the process of unhooking the fish and getting some shots would be quick and seamless.

I am hoping to bring in more goliaths this year, its a big goal of mine this year.

goliath grouper fishing
A nice goliath grouper caught from shore


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