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"I want to give readers the opportunity to get a little insight to who I am - and where I came from.... to shed a little light on how I found myself at the waters edge, and pursued a passion of fishing."

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David Graham 

I have held a life long passion for wildlife and the outdoors, but development into an angler intensified at the age of 13.  I found that I had an insatiable desire to catch different species of fish, and test my ability to recognize, study, and successfully capture the whole spectrum of fish we have here in the U.S.   

I have found a special interest in lesser-known or promoted species of fish... consistently finding that many of them posses equal or greater sporting value to more traditional 'game species'.  Beyond my own endeavors to catch the next new fish - I am eager to share experiences and knowledge gained with others.  


After my graduation from The Citadel - Military College of SC in 2010 I started the 'Boundless Pursuit' blog in affiliation with Fishing-Headquarters Magazine.  Today it exists as its own entity.  I use the platform to showcase a boundless pursuit of unique species and angling experiences at home and abroad.

David Graham is a 37 year old resident of Naples Florida where he lives with his wife of 11 years - Erin, and their two daughters. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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